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Why testing email campaigns with A/B tests?

Why testing email campaigns with A/B tests?
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As advertisers, we are constantly testing and refining our conversion and sales optimization strategies. Often this is achieved through A / B testing. A / B tests enable marketers to optimize campaigns by pitting against one another two variations of an ad, email, landing page, or other marketing content and measuring the results. Many marketers use their own development resources and stack of existing marketing technologies to run A / B tests. But many of these tools don’t provide the strength and flexibility of tools which are specifically designed for A / B testing. Here are five reasons of testing campaigns with A/B tests to optimize your marketing campaign.

  1. Managed test results Without Developers

It takes a lot of time to count on developers to bring together an A / B test for you. A / B testing tools enable marketers to quickly put together web page tests and get them live on your website or build ad campaign tests and get them running in no time.

  1. Specific target markets For your A / B tests

Advanced targeting tools provide you with the ability to run A / B tests on specific users to achieve very detailed results. Users can be targeted by ad campaign, location, app, cookies, etc. For example, you can run tests for only direct visitors on your homepage, or check specific user action calls in Chicago.

  1. Test Specific device experiences

A / B testing tools enable the optimization of user interface on any system type. You can easily determine which landing page drive the highest number of mobile conversions by running only an A / B test on smartphones. This allows you to optimize the experience of the landing page specifically for mobile users, rather than to guess which conversions occurred on a desktop or mobile. You must also knew about pros of using A/B tests.

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  1. Implement a Tag Manager

Tag management tools have made the implementation of new technology solutions on their website incredibly easy for marketers. It ensures that you can add scripts to a tag manager for your A / B testing tool, rather than adding them to your website. That helps to sustain consistency and reliability on the network. Tag management tools allow you to run new A / B tests on your website continuously without having to add new code to your page each time.