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Difference between Facebook and Instagram advertising

Difference between Facebook and Instagram advertising
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Facebook advertising campaigns have a return of up to 5 times any investment because the right public has a strategic focus. Consumers are becoming more aware of brands and remember what they see more than other averages in online advertising. Facebook ads is likewise the catalyst for more productive company interactions. More importantly, the 47 per cent advertising trust rate on Facebook commands respect and awareness of this tool, which can be used effectively to expand the bottom line. Let’s discus the difference between Facebook and Instagram advertising.

If you consider the most efficient way of investing advertising dollars, you should include advertising on Facebook in your plan. To target new businesses, produce high-quality leads, and piggyback additional promotional strategies, such as word-of-mouth advertising, you can relate to the booming power to spread your advertising dollars more effectively. For Facebook ads a whole new world of possibilities will be opened up for you.

target audiences

Facebook advertisers are allowed to geo-target a country-by – country audience which allows the advertiser to restrict or extend their ad message based on selected settings. Most of the world’s countries are now Facebook friendly expanding boundaries that once limited product sales to smaller areas and locations.

What you need to know about Facebook vs Instagram advertising

It offers several formats of adverts

Instagram advertising offers three types of advertisements: carousel, video and picture. Image ads use photos to tell your story and seduce your potential customers to do something, while video ads allow you up to 30 seconds to convey your message as artistically as you can.

advertising campaigns

You have call-to – action buttons on your website to push the traffic

When it comes to social media marketing the most difficult aspect is-inducing interaction. You may get lots of comments and likes but driving the same traffic to your website is a bit tricky. Instagram ads offer CTA buttons (same like ads on Facebook) that direct the drive traffic to your website. The CTA buttons can be used on all three types of ad formats.

Specific targeted advertising

Instagram advertisers were able to always target audiences by age, location and gender. But now it’s working with Facebook’s parent company to reach users on both networks based on their interests and connections-a unique powerful set of personal preferences for people.