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How do I add a remarketing list in AdWords?

How do I add a remarketing list in AdWords?
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Search ads Remarketing lists offer yet another break to optimize your search strategies by enabling you to tailor your keyword offers and ad text to your highest value targets-people who have been visiting your website in the past-when looking for what you are selling.

Only 2-4 percent of site visits result in a transaction, according to some benchmarks. But the online route to purchase for a customer will include many related commercial searches and visits to the web.

Your bids, advertisements, and keywords are the same in standard search campaigns for every searcher.

Search ads Remarketing lists lets you do just that. You can use the current remarketing lists to hit past site users more efficiently, so that you can get more sales and potentially better ROI.

better ROI


Realizing more effective search campaigns

Here are some ways to add a remarketing list in AdWords successfully:

  • Bid optimization

For users who had been to their site, a tire reseller built one remarketing list and another for people who had searched for a specific tire model. Keywords and advertisements remained the same, but for recent homepage users they boosted their bids a little, and for people who had searched on the web they increased bids a lot. Results: net sales increased by 22%, conversions increased by 163%.

  • effective search campaignsMake keywords wider

A specialty travel business was looking to raise extra income from gifts during the holidays. Although large keywords such as present and gift would not usually be lucrative, search advertising remarketing lists allowed them to target those keywords only to people who had purchased the company gifts the year before. Results: -300 percent conversion rate, equivalent to brand terms, and a ROI improvement of 30 per cent.